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Acting by Amos Mokadi

Amos Mokadi The Tempest

Amos Mokadi The Tempest

Amos Mokadi Abelard and Heloise

Amos Mokadi Abelard and Heloise

The Tempest  by William Shakespeare,
playing 4 male parts, 2006

"The economy of production seeps through to the performers as they become involved in a dialectical,
stylistic and ideological conflict. Mokadi portrays the Milanese ousted duke-cum-magician, Prospero – who is, notwithstanding, generous and forgiving – as well as his arch-enemy the Machiavellian king of Naples, Alonso, both of whom are exposed in the duration of one afternoon to a process of emotional and conscious transformation; but, then, as a counterpart to the old man at the end of his life, Mokadi also plays the pure youth-in-love, Ferdinand, the King’s son, at the beginning of his life’s course; and to contrast these elevated figures, he plays the popular,
base fool, Stephano."

Professor Gad Kaynar, Head of Drama, Tel Aviv University, November 2006

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Stravinsky's "A soldier's tale"   2001

Mokadi reads with players of Israel's Philharmonic Orchestra conductor, Micha Haran, Ramuz's text, which he has translated and adapted.

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Abelard and Heloise  1973-76
Abelard in Ronald Duncan's play

"The passage of 800 years has enhanced rather than diminished the force of their agony. Amos Mokadi and Pamela Coveney give a rapt, impassioned account of
this unique correspondence and provide a deeply
moving experience."

Frank Marcus, The (London) "Daily Telegraph", 11.11.1973

"Dressed in their habits, but with only desks and a few papers for props, they give impressive performances. Amos Mokadi made Abelard a powerful figure, a man with much of his passion bottled inside which he releases at the end of the play."

"Farnham Herald", 24.4.1975

Central parts  in Israel's main theatres, 1958-68

Playing in "Habimah", "Hakameri", "Ohel" and "Zavit". Among his roles were Petr Petrus in Pavel Kohut's "Such Love", Ed in Joe Orton's "Entertatining Mr. Sloane", Peter in Shelagh Delaney's "A Taste of Honey", Lord Buckingham in Shakespeare's "Richcard III" and Andrey in Tolstoy-Piscator's "War and Peace".

Direction by Amos Mokadi
Amos Mokadi The Tempest

 The Act Inn map

The Tempest   by William Shakespeare,
Opening, Kefar Blum, October 2006

(Mokadi's shortened version) "…was gripping at every single moment and possessed the rich and colorful drama enacted between characters of varying typological, social and gender-oriented sectors, into a script for mere three players. The economy of the adaptation does not seem to have been the outcome of financial coercions. It draws on artistic, thematic and ethnic logic."

Professor Gad Kaynar, Head of Drama, Tel Aviv University, November 2006

Abelard and Heloise   the 90's

Mokadi directed Duncan's play in Israel. It was translated by Rinah Shani, songs and hymns translated by Mokadi, with Yossi Shiloah, Miri Fabian, playing and, at Bimat Hakkibbutz, with Miriam and Yaakov Arnan.

The Act Inn Theatre club   London, the 70's

Mokadi produced, directed, wrote and adapted three dozen plays at the Act Inn.

On the production of Pirandello's "A Dream – but Perhaps it isn't": "Amos Mokadi's respectful production has a sculptured quality that rightly reminds one of images from 'Last Year in Marienbad'. The mood of the play is dictated by the imaginative set, lighting and sound: more care has been taken over these important technical requirements than has been seen in any lunchtime theatre/"

TimeOut, February-March, 1972

On the production of Julius Edlis's "Abel, where is your Brother?" with Leonard Rossiter and Jerome Willis: "Amos Mokadi's production was full of fine, subtle touches. I've never seen the device of flash-back used to such effect in the theatre before."

The Stage, 16.6.1974

The Monks   by Eli Keenan

"The play is presented by Bimal Hasahkanim, a group that started out last season with great promise and is finally beginning to fulfill them. They have not only brought to the stage a fresh and original play, but have also had it faultlessly directed by Amos Mokadi, who found just the
right approach."

Mendel Kohansky, "The Jerusalem Post", 30th December, 1966

Founding and art-directing theatres

עמוס מוקדי אבלאר תיאטרון שחרית

The Act Inn Theatre club   London, the 70's

A theatre which received the accolade,
"Fringe Establishment"!

Exeter Northcott Youth Theatre   ENYT

A youth theatre in the County of Devon
in the West of England, 1969.

Shacharit   1960-1963

A youth theatre, under the auspices of
Israel's Ministry of Education.

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