"Repeat Dive", winner of best Israeli film prize
Amos Mokadi Cinema

עמוס מוקדי הסערה

The Tempest  DVD, 2006, 52 minutes
By William Shakespeare

With Salwa Nakkara, Enas Massalha and Amos Mokadi
Music: Bishara Khell
Translation and direction: Amos Mokadi

Ekecheiria  ("The Olympic Peace")
2001, 15 minutes

200 children from conflict areas in Europe and around
the Mediterranean gather in Olympia and Delphi, Greece,
to compete for peace. The film was screen for UNESCO
and was accepted as a model for education for peace through sport.

Flowers of Hope  1999, 26 minutes

"Simply and gently, the film takes us to the very roots of things, those which have been nearly forgotten after decades of living in a disaster area – to the natural, warm touch between one child and another (…) Watching this film, I felt how close – truly at arm's length – are the forgiveness and the generous seed that are still alive in us, who are doomed, as it were, to disregard them so that we can 'fulfill our task' – the dreadful task – in the conflict."

David Grossman

The film is shown in hundreds of schools all over the world.

Red Line  1988, 8 minutes
Directed by Amir Har-Gil and produced by Amos Mokadi, with Si Heiman and professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz.

The first peace march that was ever attended by
Israelis and Palestinians together, lasting for 4 days,
starting in Rosh Hanikra and ending in Jerusalem. Screened, among other places, in the
Jerusalem Cinematheque.

Repeat Dive  full-length feature, 1981

Winner of best Israeli film prize and participated in
Berlin Film Festival, Director: Shimon Dotan,
Poducer: Amos Mokadi.

Frontier ahead  1961, black and white, 18 minutes

This first "peace film" was directed by the right-wing young American, Charles Byron Griffith and produced by Amos Mokadi, together with "Tzavta" Club to be presented at the Helsinky "Democratic" Youth festival. It got mysteriously lost on the way but managed to get a medal from the Ivory Coast President. It tells of a Jewish little girl meeting an Arab shepherd boy on the border where the play together until separated by force. A copy of the film exists in the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

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