"Two plus Flower equals Xmas" at the Act Inn Theatre
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עמוס מוקדי הסערה

עמוס מוקדי סאפו

The Tempest  by William Shakespeare
A Hebrew adaptation for three performers, 2006
A translation of the complete play, 2013

“Mokadi manages to produce a polished pearl – a masterly translation that combines minute and accurate loyalty to
the poetry, alliteration, meter and pace as well as to the multi-levelness of the original. Together with theatrical awareness, flow and intimate closeness to the ear of the Israeli theatre-goer, he weaves into the text hidden and subtle references to our political, social and cultural reality. Then he goes a step further: he shortens the text and constructs a show lasting some seventy-five minutes..."

Professor Gad Kaynar, Head of Drama, Tel Aviv University, November 2006

Sappho   1977

An original film script about the life and work of the great, Lesbian Poetess, whom Plato labeled "the tenth muse".

The Human Voice  1973

A translation and adaptation of Jean Cocteau's play

"In the new adaptation, the colloquial style of the writing and the sense of here-and-now aids the cumulative effect of the woman's self torture (…) A type one sometime gets on television, but which is much more effective when experienced live in the intimate confines of a small
lunchtime theatre,"

D.B.F., "The Stage" ,London, 1.2.1973

Two plus Flower Equals Christmas  1972

"Touches the hearts of the children"

"The Stage", 26.2.1972
Amos Mokadi's Theatre
     from the play
     "Two plus Flower Equals Christmas"

עמוס מוקדי הסערה

עמוס מוקדי הסערה

Jinks   1972

an original one-act play about a man's jealousy toward his wife's dead husband, staged at the Act Inn Theatre

"Mokadi is a powerful writer, with an Anouilh-like sense of theatre."

David Jay, The Times Educational Supplement, 7.7.1972

Six days   1967

A drama about the Six-Day War, written jointly with Micha Limor and staged at the Kibbutz Stage.

Frontier Ahead   1963

A film script (nicknamed, the first peace film scenario), made into a film and screened in Israeli cinemas, with music by Shimon Cohen.

The White City   1961

A documentary about Tel Aviv, for which Nomi Shemer wrote the song, bearing the same name.

In the 60's mokadi worked in Israel radio.
Among plays he translated and directed is the adaptation of the Noble Prize winner's, Pär Lagerkvist's, novel,
"The Dwarf".

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